The majority of researchers involved in GI4E come from the Public University of Navarre, UPNa (Spain) and the remainder of them belong to the InC (Innovative Communication) group at the IT University of Copenhagen, ITU (Denmark). The contact between these two groups dates back to 2004, when some researchers met at ETRA´04 in San Antonio and realized they were sharing common interests. Deep collaboration has been sustained and has produced several shared contributions in journals, symposiums and books, apart from taking part of the COGAIN Network of Excellence (UE VI Framework Programme)

Previous group members

  • Dr. Mikel Ariz Galilea
  • Laura Sesma Sánchez
  • José Javier Bengoechea Irañeta
  • Dr. Javier San Agustín
  • Dr. Juan José Cerrolaza Martínez
  • Dr. Leonardo de Maeztu Reinares
  • Dr. Carmen Vidaurre
  • Dr. Beatriz Marcotegui
  • Victoria Ponz
  • Aitziber Mendiguren
  • Sonia Goñi
  • María Cuéllar
  • Yolanda Blanco